Landing page: what is it?

In its literal sense, the phrase “Landing Page” means exactly the page that people get from search results or contextual advertising or other sources.

The landing page is practically the most important part of virtual marketing that needs special attention. Therefore, it should be simple, user-friendly and of course selling.

Varieties of landing pages

The types of such pages depend directly on the very purpose of its creation. What are landing pages? There are two main types of them:

  • Selling. You can see them on a one-page website (its main task is to make the user subscribe to the specified email address or buy some product); on a site that sells certain services; on the site of the online store.
  • Informational. In this category, we will classify portals, blogs, sites without a clear goal to sell something.

Often, a landing page is created to accomplish a commercial task:

  • making a call;
  • filing an application;
  • registration;
  • selling something.

Why work on improving your landing page?

To answer this question, read the following example:

A site offers certain services for the US region. The cost of getting the target audience through SEO promotion and contextual advertising is too high. Therefore, it is very important to get the most out of every visitor who, thanks to advertising, got to the site.

Let’s assume that the site has a good conversion rate of 5 percent and there are 5 sales per 100 visitors. Let’s say the cost of one hundred visitors is $100 and the profit from five sales is $500.

By improving his landing by at least two percents, you can expect a significant increase in profits, this is the answer to why you need to improve the landing page.

What matters to a landing page

When creating a landing page, you need to apply unique selling propositions and draw the visitor’s attention to its direct benefit. It is better if all this is additionally supported by reviews, recommendations and other useful and interesting articles.

A good landing page won’t do without:

  • high-quality design structure;
  • the text of the selling type (it must contain a call to make a purchase);
  • purchases and registration, the ability to place an application in one click;
  • high-quality content (pictures, videos).

By creating and placing all of these elements wisely, you can get a quality landing page. But the above moments are not a panacea for all ills, but just a standard to adhere to. Therefore, if you stick to all of the above, it will not give you one hundred percent guarantee that the resulting landing page will sell a lot.

Therefore, you should not take one good example as a basis and apply it to absolutely all businesses, it is worth remembering that the audience in businesses is different and each requires a special approach to sales and information.

Another important emphasis is to highlight the fact that in the future it is necessary to test landing pages for impact, to measure the effect of its work. Google Analytics will help you with this. Only thanks to tests will you really find an approach to your client and find out exactly how you need to present information to him in order to convert him into a client.

So, hopefully, it’s clear to you that a landing page has a huge impact on lead generation and sales. We recommend that you pay due attention to its creation.