This concept is very common on the Internet. Let’s take a closer look at this term, what it means, and where it is used.

Satellite is usually needed to support the main site in order to score the TOP 10 of the SERPs with your sites and get more conversions. As a rule, this is also a site, but an auxiliary one, acting as an occupier of search engines and search results. The result is an increase in sales and the total number of orders.

Types of satellites

If you look at the technical component of the term, then it can be divided as follows: dynamic and static. Also, satellites are divided into groups by application:

  • Those that promote sites;
  • To increase sales;
  • Doorway.

Like all other network resources, satellites can be cluttered with copy-paste, and there are those that are filled with unique SEO-optimized content. There are also types of auto-filled by bots, but they are less common.

So, what is a satellite? The second name for this term – affiliate – is just an additional platform used mainly to promote another resource. Consider an example: you have a project on the network at your disposal, which is in the first place in all search results for specific queries. You want further growth, but the site stands still – for this purpose a satellite is created, filled with the same content, promoted as well, only the name of the company has a different one. As a result, you have two optimized and popular sites at the top of the search.

Niche satellite

Consider the second example: you own an online store that is also well promoted, but this is not enough for you. Let’s say the theme of the store is clothing. To increase sales, additional satellites are created for each brand, if there are 30 of them, then these are thirty new pumped sites with the same goods. A nice bonus to the number of orders.

The most important thing is to do everything right and not be lazy to create good content, because search engines struggle every day with such “split services”, especially poorly configured ones, so the approach must be competent.

The main site promoted by satellite

Again, if you approach this scheme with your head, you can say with complete confidence that it works 100%.

It is worth noting a number of nuances that will complicate your work a little:

  • Constantly required updating of the reference base;
  • Regular posting of unique content – expensive and of high quality;
  • Using multiple servers.

These are not all problems. There are many more difficulties that can be encountered in this matter. Remember the main thing – you take risks creating such resources, but each person chooses his own promotion strategy.