No wonder they say that you need to learn from other people’s mistakes. And here we are not talking about everyday issues. In business, this expression is also appropriate. Learning from the mistakes of others and adopting the chips of leaders is a tactic of a competent leader, which, as practice shows, is a win-win. Website owners are also engaged in internet spying. In this article, we will look at the most popular services for analyzing competitors’ website traffic.

Why do we need an analysis of traffic statistics of someone else’s site

If you think that analysis is needed only to see how beautiful a competitor’s site is and to determine the leader, then you are wrong. The main goal is to find out everything about the site, from its traffic to the promotion methods.

Studying the site of competitors solves the following tasks:

  • Visit a site in a specific niche.
  • The impact of marketing tools on traffic.
  • Change in attendance by seasons.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor.
  • Understand whether to place guest posts on resources.
  • Understand what content will be of interest to the user.
  • It will help you decide on the purchase of the site.

You need to understand that in internet marketing there is no button by clicking which the site will rise to the top and bring the expected traffic. It is important to take care of your visitors, offer them original and interesting content, and improve the service. That is why you need to study a competitor in order to learn non-standard promotion methods.

Top 5 tools to measure search traffic

There are special services for where you can find out the site traffic. Just a few minutes of your time, and you will learn everything about the leader. Let us immediately make a reservation that the statistics on the site are open in the footer (site footer). They place a counter there that demonstrates traffic or whether the site is top-ranked. Open information is visible only on information portals that move as advertising platforms. But commercial resources hide this information, which is quite logical. But you can also find out data about such sites, but for this they use special services, which we will discuss below.


A large tool that shows you how to view the statistics of someone else’s site. The disadvantage of the resource is that it is in English, but has an intuitive interface. The tool provides statistics for the mobile and desktop versions of the site. To start working with it, just register on Similarweb and enter the site address. The free version is designed for 7 days, after which you will have to subscribe.

Similarweb solves the following tasks:

  • The number of visits to the site from mobile and desktop versions.
  • Shows the average session duration.
  • Determines the geolocation and demography of the target audience.
  • Shows the key queries that users got to the site.
  • Shows the number of rejections.

Good enough. This will allow you to determine the future strategy for promoting your resource.


This tool will allow you to study the traffic of a competing website. This multifunctional service perfectly demonstrates search analytics and provides key analysis. Also here you can find out the position of the resource, study backlinks. These are displayed in the form of clear and logical infographics.

Working with the resource is simple: traffic analysis is available in the “Batch Domain Analysis” section of the service. Enter a list of domains and highlight the Traffic option. And in order to use additional services, you will have to subscribe to a paid subscription.


A good tool that allows you to analyze links, compare domain names, and also check keywords. With this service you will be able to adjust the chosen content strategy in the right direction. Thanks to the received report on the dynamics of the growth of the link mass, you can reduce to zero hits under the filter of your own resource.

Many people choose this resource because it is multifunctional. But its cost is quite expensive – from $ 99 to $ 999. Therefore, this tool is logical in cases of large projects.


A fast tool that allows you to find out the site traffic in a matter of minutes. The following functions are available to the user:

  • Keyword analysis.
  • Comparison of domains.
  • Shopping ads from other companies.
  • Backlink Authority.

Semrush will allow you to get an analytical report on the success of a competing website. Thanks to this, it is possible to study the advertising strategy of the checked resource, which will improve its performance.


One of the largest tools for analyzing someone else’s traffic. This resource has its own Alexa Rank, which is based on traffic statistics of various resources: a lower rating corresponds to more traffic, that is, the highest rating is 1 for Google.

This resource will allow you to get information about the top sites in different categories and countries. He will quickly find, based on the keys, similar projects, that is, his direct competitors. The most useful tool here is the Keyword Matrix. By the way, this tool is relevant for those who run an English-speaking business.

Is the service data accurate?

I would like to say right away that you should not completely rely on the statistics provided by the services, because each site uses its own algorithm and metrics. Note that the error of such instruments is quite high – it ranges from 20-70%, either overstated or understated.

The services themselves are not responsible for calculation errors. It is better to treat the received data as relative. Compare the received data from several services, analyze and draw conclusions.

Conclusion: summing up

The most important thing you can get from the analysis of a competitor’s site is information about the strategy that your competitors are using. It is she who will help you reach the set heights. Use the tools described above and draw conclusions from the data obtained. Ideally, use multiple services in this way to get a clearer picture and better understanding of how to move in your marketing strategy.