The ability of links to influence promotion

Over the long existence of the Internet, the main question that worried people was the following: how many links are able to influence promotion and which of them really work? Despite the constant struggle between Yandex and Google with purchased and low-quality links, they appear again and again.

Examples and situations

Google is committed to ensuring that more reliable links are favored in a clear and efficient manner. Therefore, Google Penguin was created and launched – an algorithm for link antispam, which significantly hit the promotion, and most of even the most popular resources experienced a drop in the growth of user traffic.

Several examples can be cited to this situation, showing how different the options can be:

  • a very developed site with a long history, which occupied a leading position in terms of requests, but at one point there was a drop in traffic and the number of visitors. After the rented links were removed, there was growth, which was supported and increased by unique content;
  • the new site entered well and enjoyed excellent popularity, and after a few months all links were removed, but the positions did not change, but on the contrary are growing further.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to clearly define that quality and uniqueness should take the first place, but one should not forget about the secondary role of contextual advertising, for which it is necessary to allocate and spend significant resources.

Key features of links

Many experts believe that just buying links is enough. But this is not as easy as it seems!

1. Initially, it is worth determining which links will prevail and best of all bring the necessary “create anchor list” effect:

  • links-pictures;
  • anchor links;
  • non-anchor links;
  • crowd links;
  • live links “followed by real users”.

This example clearly shows that there can be many variations. To do this, you need to upload the link profile of the TOP 10 sites through Ahrefs and see their strategy. Calculate the pattern and apply it already on your project.

2. It is also worth determining the quality of the donor, for this you need to find out:

  • spamming of the site;
  • the number and quality of links;
  • the site is located under the filter of search engines or was previously under it;
  • number and quality of visitors ;
  • check domain history;
  • the uniqueness of content.

And so you see how many manipulations need to be done to select a quality donor for links. This is far from easy, considering that some specialists need to buy not one link, but several hundred per month.

Tip: if you are just starting to buy links, buy Ahrefs, it will make your life easier. Unload links of top competitors, sort them by “DR – Ahrefs” take the best ones by DR and check by other indicators, if the donor is normal, insert his domain into the link exchange, I give 90% that he is there. Thus, you can find out what links TOP competitors buy and how much they spend on it.

SEO promotion will move from routine and multifunctional work to advertising, with further provision and growth of visitors, recognition, and authority of the necessary resource. Links are a good marketing point, but you should always pay extra attention and not be afraid to experiment to determine the best result. It is then that it will be possible to promote the site to top positions without spending large amounts of money on links.‚Äč