The head of SpaceX recently declared the independence of Mars from Earth. He did this by placing the relevant clauses in the Starlink user agreement, satellite Internet network and service. Now the service has entered the testing phase and the first users (most likely from Texas, USA) are able to connect to the satellite global Internet.

All this is spelled out in the subsection “Governing Laws”, which says that SpaceX will not obey international laws outside the Earth. Instead, the company will establish principles of self-government and use them for the benefit of humanity.

As for Mars, Elon Musk proclaims it a “free planet” on which its own laws will operate. If someone does not agree with the terms of use of the service, then they cannot use the global satellite Internet. The first links to the terms of use of Starlink were distributed by users of the WholeMarsBlog group.

The conditions section says that on the Earth and the Moon the company obeys the earthly laws, but on Mars it is a different matter, here “the principles of self-government aimed at the prosperity of the future colony will be established.” This item will start working only when a colony appears on Mars.

Earlier, Musk has repeatedly stated that he is going to build a settlement on Mars that will not depend on the supply of resources from the Earth. It will be a completely and completely autonomous settlement – and now it has become clear that by “autonomy” the head of SpaceX means not only food, water, clothing, equipment, fuel, but also legislation.

Of course, SpaceX has many problems to solve before colony creation is possible. After all, it is necessary to deliver millions of tons of equipment and resources there, which will require the use of thousands of Starship missiles, which are now only being tested.

“If we build as many Starships as we have Falcon rockets – that is, about a hundred – and each delivers 100 tons of cargo into orbit, then the capacity will reach 10 million tons of payload per year,” wrote the head of SpaceX.

Why does the Mask need Mars? In order for humanity to have a “backup” that can be used in the event of a global problem that will lead to the extinction of humanity. We are talking about the third world war, infections or something similar. Musk has repeatedly stated that without the establishment of a colony on another planet in the solar system, humanity is doomed.

Everything that Musk controls is aimed at a single goal – the accumulation of resources for obtaining a colony on Mars. The colony will enable the inhabitants of Mars to be outside the zone of influence of factors that are important for humans on Earth.

As far as you can see, so far Musk’s words do not diverge from the deeds – he is really trying to reach Mars, developing new types of launch vehicles, capsules for the team, space equipment, etc.