Sometimes owners do not realize the importance of the decision to abandon and forget the developed website. “The project is failing to meet its objectives,” they say. Well, in vain. Not many sites that operate at a loss get a chance for improvement. But it could take your project to the next level! The cause of errors can be both the development of the site by a novice webmaster, and independently.

Instead of throwing the work done in a landfill, we offer you a closer look at the typical mistakes when creating a website.
Of course, it is possible that errors are present in technical work as well – here we still advise you to transfer the matter to the reliable hands of a specialist. Also, it is often about content. You can correct such errors yourself.

Clear menu

A clear, simple, understandable and accessible menu is the backbone of all the basics! Agree, it’s unpleasant to be on the site for more than a minute, when you don’t understand how you got to this page, how to find the information you need. Attempting to place transitions in subcategories will result in a big mistake. We recommend building a peer-to-peer menu. The navigation should contain active links to the main categories. If the category list is large, you can make the navigation dropdown.

Perceived text

Also very important is the design of the color of the text on the background, which should be given special attention. The text should stand out against the background and preferably be black. Moderately large print will help the user read the content with ease. An impression can be spoiled by solid text without paragraphing and visual support. It is also very pleasant to read the text without spelling and punctuation errors.


Replicating your company’s merits can negatively impact your company’s reputation. It is better to replace hackneyed phrases with facts. Better to post on your website a video demonstrating the service in action, or talk about the benefits of the product. Challenge your customers to talk about a great experience with your company.

Available contacts

If your order is brewing, but a potential client does not see contacts in the header of the site, he is unlikely to look for them. It is easier and faster for him to find contacts on your competitor’s website. We strongly recommend that you place maximum information about the company in the header of the site: company name, logo, contact phone number, e-mail address, working hours, order acceptance time, address of the physical location of the office.

Dosing information

Site users are lost in a huge amount of information. Especially when it comes to describing a company. It is important not only to structure the content, but also to dose it. After all, a potential client is more interested in a product – his goal is to find a product and order / buy it; and also get information on your request.

We have given the most common reasons for site inefficiency that you can eliminate yourself. But they can be completely different: from an incorrectly chosen strategy and structure to an incorrect layout, which is better to discuss with web developers.

Do not rush to abandon your site, analyze it. Perhaps our recommendations will be a good help in solving the problems that have arisen. Use it!