For easy converting px (pixel) to vw (variable width), you can use this calculator of responsive values. This application easy in using. All you need is to insert your ‘viewport width’ and ‘size in px’ and tap ‘calculate’ your new ‘vw’ values. Also you can click the button to copy result.



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✌ PX to VW calculator info

Nowadays with modern CSS, we have new features like viewport units. This opens up for a responsive approach for defining font or other sizes. This is very useful, and every developer building responsive websites should make sure they know about this option. It’s already a safe method for old browsers too, so you can use it every project.

Viewport width unit ‘vw’ is short for ‘viewport width’ and a percent value of the width of the viewport.

Pixels: px

Pixel px – is the most basic, absolute, and final unit of measurement.

The number of pixels is set in the screen resolution settings, one px is just one such pixel on the screen. The browser will eventually convert all values ​​into pixels.

Pixels can be fractional, for example, the size can be set to 16.5px. This is completely normal, the browser itself uses fractional pixels for internal calculations. For example, there is an element 100px wide, it needs to be divided into three parts – willy-nilly 33.333… px appear. In the final rendering, fractional pixels are of course rounded and made whole.

For mobile devices that have a lot of pixels on the screen, but the screen itself is small, the browser will automatically apply scaling to ensure readability.

Screen-relative: vw, vh

All modern browsers except IE8-support the new CSS Values ​​and Units 3 draft units:

vw – 1% of window width
vh – 1% of the window height
vmin is the smallest of (vw, vh), in IE9 denoted as vm
vmax – greatest of (vw, vh)

These values ​​were created primarily to support mobile devices.

Their main advantage is that any dimensions that are specified in them are automatically scaled when the window is resized.